The order of these pics are fucked up, you'll notice that when you see the facial pic in the beginning ;) It's not me who did a bad job but I'm also too lazy to fix it. So just relax and enjoy the free porn I give you :)


There's not a big budget on this flick, it's shot like the old school porn movies. Just a horny bloke and his handheld camera. He still manage to produce a very nice scene with some premium fucking a huge facial blast. Chloe's young face looked really good with all that white goo on it!

















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Samantha loves to have sex with her girl toy Chloe Foster. They lick each other pussies all the time. Samantha is also banging some guys on the side and wanted to include Chloe for a threesome to spice things up a little. So one time when Samantha was with this guy she had Chloe wait outdoors while she sucked his large boner. Then she called her in and made her suck it too which was quite a pleasant surprise for the guy!


After pleasuring him orally they took turns getting slammed by him. Once awhile he pulled out his schlong from his current pussy and made the other chick suck on it. He felt like a king doing this and watching them lick each other. There was also a rimjob involved at some point here.





























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Yeah, happy to see that Chloe does anal!! It's a 100% buttfucking scene too, apart from a little dicksucking in the beginning. If you like to see young babes taking it in the pooper then you better check out these buttfucked russian teens!


She starts out by giving a nice blowjob, this is nothing new to her. Neither is the ass fingering that follows although more seldom. The next thing that is about to happen is a new experience for her though, her second hole is a virgin and it's gonna get penetrated for the first time today! Without any lube or foreplay he just fires his rocket up her shitter and fucks her hard ignoring her screams for mercy!






















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Dildoing in a Chair

Aug 03, 2013

Chloe sucks on her big dildo to get it wet enough to ease it into her pussy. She fucks herself then strips down completey naked and starts from the beginning again. She sucks off her sweet tasting pussy juice then goes back into dildo fucking action!






















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