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Categories: Videos

Some names of the other teens in this episode: Nina Lopez, Aaliyah Love, Ava Cash and Sara Luv. You will recognize some of them from the College Rules update I made a while back. Nice to see them together again! ;)


In order to get to join a Sorority these girls have to go through a lot of shit. This day the other girls had set up a row of dildos, fat and small, for them to use as best as they could. So when they are all naked they squat down on the dildos and works their pussies on it. After some dildo riding they all get blindfolded and are forced to give blowjobs to the toys. Not sure what the blindfold is good for though.. anyways it's time for a solo run for Chloe, she rides a dildo while the other chicks shoves another one down her throat.. college is wild!


















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I'm posting the full scene here not just the part where Chloe is involved. There's a hot lesbian dildo scene as a warm up I just had to add it. As for Chloe's scene she gives head like mad and rides cock like there was no tomorrow. Some of you might notice there's a girl sitting next to them taking notes during the sexual act. Well this was part of a school study believe or not. Their male teacher gave them an A+ on the report of course :)

















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