Chloe was sunbathing nude in the apartment complex which did not go by unnoticed by the other residents. There was this guy that decided he would try to tease her back the same way she was teasing him. So he took stand on the inside of the glass door and stood there with his big erect dick. She wanted to get in badly and when he finally let her in she sucked him like mad!


It didn't stop there, she offered up her tight cunt as well and he banged her in all the positions he could come up with. Turned out to be a very nice day for him!





















































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Teen BFF Tube Clip

Jan 24, 2014

10 minute long video! Enjoy!



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Nice FFM threesome with Selma Sins here. I was disappointed there was no lesbian action though, but the scene was still pretty damn good. I envy that dude that got to alternate between their tight teen pussies in bed..


















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From the episode Sweet Sensation.


Chloe hooks up with a guy after school for some fun. She head heard rumors about his dick but she never imagined it was THIS huge! He gave her some cunilingus to get her in the mood before he revealed his concealed weapon. She was shocked when she saw his meat saber and didn't know what to do at first, but then she did like she had done a hundred times before; put the dick in her mouth and started to suck on it.


He enjoyed the blowjob very much and now it was time to stretch that little cunt of her to the max. She was in a brave mood today so she let him rip her tight asshole apart when he was done with the pussy!










































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Chloe and her boyfriend finds a nice spot in the sun in front of the window where they can have a naughty time. She gets naked and down on her knees where she sucks his large meat stick. Then she climbs on top of it and rides it hard before he penetrates her like a champ.























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